Master Equine Manager


  • To provide in-depth training to selected horse enthusiast in order to increase the knowledge and skill in equine science, care and training. MEM Spring 2012
  • To develop a cadre of knowledgeable equine managers to assist ISUE in conducting educational programs and activities.
  • To increase the quality, competitiveness and economic potential of the Iowa horse industry.
  • To develop a volunteer network for Youth and 4-H/FFA horse programs.

Participant Requirements:  

  • Desire to expand your knowledge in equine care and management. 
  • Interest in developing skills in equine care and management.
  • Willing to share and demonstrate horse skills and knowledge with others. 
  • Commitment to view and participate in assessments of online material and attend an in-person evaluation

Delivery Modes:   

  • Each topic within modules are posted within the course management program Moodle. Participants will have access to the video, power point presentations, resources and quizzes. The videos can be viewed anytime and the quizzes can be taken anytime.
  •  Attend a practical evaluation program


MEM Digital Pulse

  • A program fee of $325 (19 and over) or $250 (junior or senior in high school) will be assessed for the complete Master Equine Manager program
  • Any fees for service will be used to off-set direct expenses and to support the Agriculture & Natural Resources Extension program.

 Certification Requirements: 

  • Open to junior and senior high school students, and any adult with an interest in horses
  • To receive the Master Equine Manager Certificate the individual must complete each module, attend a practical evaluation or perform a documented self-evaluation.
  • Examination – For each module a quiz will be associated with it. The quiz will be on-line. To be certified an 80% or better is required on the quiz.

    • Quiz Date - You can take the quiz on any day you choose. The quiz can be repeated.
  • Practical Evaluation – Three options:
    • Practical evaluation dates will be available at various locations during the year
    • Schedule with an approved evaluator to perform the evaluation
    • Perform a documented self-evaluation which requires submitting a videotape, DVD or video file of you performing the required actions
  • Maintaining certification:
    • Three hours of continuing education training each year. Continuing education hours may be from ISU workshops/conferences or from other approved equine programs.

Benefits and Opportunities:

  • Promote quality horse care and responsible horse ownership.MEM Farrier
  • Conduct training clinics and workshops for youth and adults.
  • Manage or assist with horse events, shows, trail rides or judging activities.
  • Participate in horse organizations with public education programs.
  • Develop new skills to enhance employment opportunities within the industry.
  • Web access to numerous equine references pertaining to each subject matter. 
  • Receive instruction and certification from Iowa State University.   
  • Permanent Master Equine Manager name badge
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