NEW Marshalltown 4-H STEM Club seeks volunteer leaders!

4-H HyperStream Club – A part of the Governor’s Scale-Up STEM Initiative

Members of the Marshalltown 4-H STEM Club are seeking volunteers to serve as leaders for our new club, working in collaboration with HyperStream and its technology professionals.

HyperStream, a preferred STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) scale-up program through the Governor’s scale-up initiative, partners with business and education.  HyperStream clubs foster real-world learning through hands-on projects and engaging presentations—all with professional technology mentoring.  

Leaders should have the following qualities:

-          Interest in working with 6th through 8th graders

-          Ability to organize club meetings twice a month and coordinate with local industry ambassadors to teach lessons

-          Interest in encouraging youth as they learn about a variety of technology opportunities

-          Knowledge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics not required, but may be helpful

-          Available to commit 8-12 months to the club (renewable annually)

-          Successful completion of 4-H Volunteer Screening

-          Willing to complete volunteer training

HyperStream provides programming and learning modules to club leaders.  Members learn a variety of concepts and skills in technology.   Members can choose to focus in any of these three areas of technology:

-          Robotics: Members are challenged to understand the purpose and procedures of robotics.  Using Lego Mindstorms NXT software and education kits, teams build robots and create coding commands for robots to follow.

-          Game Design: Teams use the Alice programming system to experiment with programming logic and language.  Members blend technology with creativity to create educational game worlds with virtual characters and plots.

-          Multimedia:  Members learn about a variety of mediums as they dapple into fields of photography, photo editing, video production, presentation software, web design and more.  Multimedia teams create a collection of multimedia projects wrapped around marketing and product development.

Apply at the Marshall County Extension office, 2608 2nd Street, Lower Level

  Direct questions to Elise Fiscus, 641-752-1551, efiscus@iastate.edu

Application deadline:  January 29th or until filled.

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Leading the Way is a camp designed to give you the experience and skill needed to succeed. This camp will provide you with different life skills each year, and will help foster positive youth development. The camp is open to 4-Hers in Jones, Linn, Benton, Tama, Marshall, Hardin, Story, and Boone Counties.

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