Marshall County 4-H Club Program

If you are interested in joining a 4-H Club, you may call the Marshall County Extension Office at (641) 752-1551 for leader contact information.  We will help you to find a 4-H Club that will work for you! 


Marshall County 4-H Clubs:



  • Albion Ables  Marilyn Tordoff - Leader
  • Center Explorers  Gloria DeBower - Leader
  • Central Iowa 4-H  Tonya Gerke - Leader
  • Clemons Clippers   Scott & Mary Davis -  Leaders          
  • Haverhill Hustlers 4-H  Cassie Sawyer - Leader                                                 
  • Gilman Rustlers  Angie Nelson & Nicole Huisinga - Leaders
  • Laurel Livewires  Christa Pansegrau & Lois Newby - Leaders
  • Liscomb Laborers  LeRoy Stewart - Leader
  • Marshall County Mounties  Jane Appelgate - Leader Shannon Espenscheid - Clover Leader
  • Marshall County Rockets Doni Sheldon and Linda Von Holten - Leaders
  • Marshalltown Trailblazers  Deleana Roseland & Dar Battles - Leaders   Mary Blom, Clover Leader
  • Melbourne 4-H  Patti Breniman - Leader
  • Rhodes Ravens  Betsy Damman and Marcy Thomas- Leaders
  • Timber Creek Champs  Linda Halvorsen - Leader
  • Wolfe Ranch Rough Riders  Jennifer Daniel, Danielle Hotchkin, Jacque Morkin - Leaders
  • Outdoor Adventures Doni Sheldon- Leader


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