Marshall County at the Iowa State Fair

Livestock Shows

Beef Show - 8am Wed., Aug. 13 - Cael and Cody Kline, Jenna McKee, Lauren and Leah Mosher, Jacob Burt, Elizabeth Emily, Kayla Fisher, Jarrin Goecke, Abby Green, Hannah Hibbs, Kelly Stanley, and Rosemary Thompson.
Sheep Show - 7:30am Mon., Aug. 11 - Lacie Hoskins, Reagan McIlrath, Anne Baker, Malorie Blink, Emmet Edler, Jake Goecke, Brooke Snider, Karlyn Snider, Dane Thompson, and Ryleigh Thompson.
Rabbit Show - 9:30am Thurs., Aug. 14 - Amber Martenson and Katie McAtter.
Goats Show - Noon Thurs., Aug. 14 - Emily Pansegrau, Jessley Ash, Logan Coulter, Madison Duncan, and Morgan Schuh.
Swine Show - 8am Tues., Aug. 12 - Drew Runner, Dane Thompson, and Ashlyn Young.
Dairy Show - 7:30am Sat., Aug 9 - Dakota and Dawson Sawyer.
Horse Show -  Aug 8, 7, and 9 - Malory Fisher.


Thursday, Aug. 7 8:30am and Noon - Alex Halbloom, Natasha and Tucker Schiebel with Ben Keilman, Brittany and Ashley Young.
Monday Aug. 11 8:30am - Gabrielle and Samatha Gerke
Monday Aug. 11 1pm, - Tylia Kiasand,
Saturday Aug 16 8:30am – Lauren and Leah Mosher.
Saturday Aug 16 at 1pm - 2 kids showing – Lauren and Leah Mosher, Marisa Meling, and Daniel Blom.

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