Give the Gift of Grain

Give A Gift Of Grain To Help Iowa 4-H'ers!

A donation of grain is an easy way for Iowa farm families to show their support for the 4-H program and make sure 4-H continues for future generations.Giving grain instead of cash can also help farmers save on self-employment, federal income and state income taxes.**Always consult your professional tax or legal advisors to determine tax implications prior to making a gift of grain. 
Find out more and share this with your friends, families and local elevators with this brochure. (pdf)

4 Easy Steps For Gifting Grain To 4-H

  1. Deliver the grain to your local elevator or co-op.
  2. Transfer the grain to the Iowa 4-H Foundation.
  3. Ask for a warehouse receipt showing the Iowa 4-H Foundation as the owner.
  4. Contact the 4-H Foundation (515-294-1537 or and tell them where the grain is stored.  The Foundation will order the sale of the grain with the original sales invoice.
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