How to join Marion County 4-H!

Are you in grades 4-12 and are interested in joining 4-H? 

Marion County has 16 active 4-H clubs throughout the county.  You are invited to join any club, anytime of the year.  Check out the list of Marion County 4-H Clubs and leader information as well as club meeting times!

How to re-enroll in Marion County 4-H:

How to join Marion County 4-H:
  • Find a club that best fits your needs. Marion County 4-H Clubs & Leader Information
  • Contact the club leader and let them know you are interested in attending a club meeting. Ask the leader what the club does throughout the year. Ex. Community Service Projects, Activities, Club Outings, Basketball Tournament, etc...
  • Attend the next 4-H club meeting.  Parents are welcome to stay for the meetings. 
  • To enroll, please go to and follow the NEW FAMILY directions. Please turn in your $30 enrollment fee to either your leader or to the Marion County Extension Office. 
  • When filling out the Enrollment Form make sure you enroll in project areas.  Project areas are topics that you are interested in learning about and possibly creating an exhibit as an outgrowth of your learning.  Ex. Project Area: Food & Nutrition, Exhibit: Chocolate Chip Cookies.  You will find a list of project areas on the back of the enrollment form.
  • After you are enrolled you will recieve a Marion County 4-H Newsletter in the mail each month as well as other informational mailings.  Make sure you read your newsletter, it will keep you up to date on county wide information and events.
  • Continue going to club meetings each month and participate in club, county, and state events. Here are a few examples of events & activities:
    • Club Events: Community Service Projects, Project Workshops, Club Outings, and much more.
    • County Events: Basketball Tournament, Project Workshops, Recognition Program, Camping Trip, Junior Fun Night, and much more.
    • Area/State Events: Intermediate Trip (Chicago, Kansas City, Minnesota, Omaha, or St. Louis), Senior Trip to Washington D.C., State 4-H & Youth Conference, Area/State Recognition, Iowa State Fair, and much more.
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