What’s Wrong With My Tree?

Sadly, by the time home owners notice tree problems it is often too late.  According to Dr. Jesse Randall, a forester with the Iowa State Forestry Extension, “85 percent of time when I’m asked this question, the tree is dead and dying. Usually the problem is the tree is planted too deep, has stem girdling roots or construction damage.”
Trees, people, stress and the results of stress are somewhat similar.  In some cases, if the trees are stressed or if they have been wounded (a major cause of tree stress), they may be more susceptible to damage caused by insects and diseases. 
Weather also creates stress.  Several years of wet weather, followed by several years of draught conditions, topped off by a cold and dry winter have had an impact on the trees in Marion County. 
Often ash tree owners call the Extension Office suspecting  the Emerald Ash Borer is the culprit of tree damage when in fact it is most likely stress.
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