4-H Fair & Award Forms



2015 Southern Iowa Fairbook


2015 Southern Iowa Fairbook (4-H & FFA)

(Everything in RED is a change/correction)

Information in this book is subject to change


2015 4-H & FFA Fair Rules Booklet - (formatted like monthly newsletter)

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2015 Southern Iowa Fair Schedule of 4-H Events

2015 Fair Schedule of Events (4-H) - This schedule is tentative and subject to change.

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Exhibiting Livestock & Non-Livestock at the Fair Info

Help Me! Guide for the Southern Iowa Fair

Exhibiting Livestock Information

Livestock ID Forms can be found here for FFA Members

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2015 Southern Iowa Fair Forms


Static Exhibit Class Numbers - *Class Numbers have changed in 2015* 

This sheet will help you to determine the class number(s) for your Fair Exhibit(s).


Livestock & Special Events Entry Form - UPDATE COMING SOON!  This sheet is VERY IMPORTANT!  You must complete the form and turn in to the appropriate club volunteer on the last day of the fair.  This sheet determines what you will receive for Livestock & Special Events Premiums.


Bucket/Bottle Packets

(Calf, Lamb, Goat)

More than 1 Calf/Lamb/Goat may be Identified by May 15, but only.  1 Calf/Lamb/Goat may be exhibited at the fair!  All Bottle Lambs & Goats must have attended weigh-in on Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bucket/Bottle Calf Packet  - Due by July 2, 2015

Bottle Lamb Packet - Due by July 2, 2015

Bottle Goat Packet - Due by July 2, 2015

Non-Livestock Exhibit Forms and Information

Non-Livestock Exhibiting Information - This information will help you to prepare for exhibiting non-livestock exhibits on Saturday, July 11.

2015 Exhibit Record (Goal Sheet) - This sheet is an excellent guideline for writing goal cards. These three questions must be answered in your goal sheet, do not use this form as your actual goal sheet.

2015 Entry Form - Every 4-H member exhibiting regular exhibits at the fair is required to fill out this sheet.

Inappropriate Food Exhibits Guide - This guide explains all of the foods that are inappropriate exhibits for fair.

Design Elements & Art Principles Posters - VERY HELPFUL VISUAL AID!
Design Elements & Art Principles Brochure for Clothing

Design Elements & Art Principles Info
Design Elements & Art Principles Help Sheets for Clothing, Home Improvement & Visual Art exhibits.

Copyright Permission Information & Letter - Must be reviewed and completed for any exhibit in which copyright may be an issue. (typically for Visual Arts/Home Improvement classes)

Copyright Information Website (copyright Kids)

Canned Food Labels - Any canned food exhibit requires this label.

Photography Exhibit Information

4-H Photography Exhibit Label - All photos being exhibited require this form.  Remember, you may only exhibit 4 photos at the county fair.  This label takes the place of a goal card for Photography Exhibits ONLY.

4-H Photography Tip Sheet - Are you planning to exhibit photos at the county fair?  This sheet will help you to complete your photography exhibit label.  The Tip Sheet is used by judges to make sure they are learning everything they can about your photography exhibit.

Horticulture Exhibit Information

Horticulture Tips Website - http://www.extension.iastate.edu/4h/projects/Horticulture/vegetables.htm

Southern Iowa Fair Horticulture Judging Tips

Poster Exhibit Information

2014 Poster Exhibit Entry Form - All posters being exhibited require this form.

Horticulture Exhibit Information

Horticulture Exhibit Entry Form - All Horticulture exhibits (flowers/vegetables) must be entered using this sheet.

Clothing Event Information

2015 Clothing Selection/Fashion Revue/$15 Challenge Entry Form- All members planning to exhibit outfits for this project area are required to fill out this form and return it to MCEO by May 15, 2015.

Junior/Intermediate Clothing Event Report Form - This is required to be filled out by Junior/Intermediate Member.  Bring with you to Judging.

Senior Clothing Event Report Form - This is required to be filled out by Senior 4-H Member.  Bring with you to Judging.

Communications Event Information

2014 Communications Event Entry Form - All members planning to complete the following communication project are required to fill out this form and return it to MCEO by June 13: Share the Fun, Working Exhibit, Extemporaneous Speaking, Educational Presentation.

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2014 Mahaska 4-H Award Applications

Award Applications are due by September 15

Junior-level Award Application Information - Explains Award Applications and Eligibility for 4th-6th graders
Intermediate-level Award Application Information - Explains Award Applications and Eligibility for 7th-9th graders
Senior-level Award Application Information - Explains Award Applications and Eligibility for 10th-12th graders

Junior-level Major Awards Application
Intermediate-level Major Awards Application
Senior-level Major Awards Application
Senior-level Major Awards Forms

(Merit, Citizenship, Achievement, Leadership & Danforth Awards)

Special Awards Application

Longtime Record Keeping Award Application

Project Award Application - Record books are not needed by MCEO for this award area

Mahaska County Make a Difference Award Nomination Form

Oskaloosa Chamber Community Service Award Application Information


Record Book Forms



Check out the 4-H Record Keeping Scrapbook Workshop on Saturday, August 23!  It will be held in the Extension office meeting room on the former AEA side of the building (enter North door off of east parking lot) from 10:00 AM-Noon.  Pre-registration by August 8 is REQUIRED, so we have plenty of time to order supplies.  Cost is FREE, but you must bring your own 12"x12" scrapbook to put your pages in.  We will have some additional materials available for a small fee.  Call 673-5841 to register.


My 4-H Goal Calendar

Record Keeping Information

Yearly 4-H Summary

Basic 4-H Project Record

Experienced 4-H Project Record

Advanced 4-H Project Record

4-H Record Keeping Self Evaluation

4-H Market Animal Project Worksheet

Market Animal Project Record Sheet for Juniors

4-H Breeding Animal Project Worksheet

4-H Poultry Flock Record Forms

Dairy Animal Project Worksheet

4-H Horse & Pony Project Worksheet

Dog Permanent Record Form

Rabbit Project Worksheet

4-H Photography Project Worksheet

4-H Vegetable Garden Project Worksheet

You can find the WORD version of many of these forms and other forms by visiting /4H/recordkeeping.htm

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