4-H Portable Challenge & Ricochet Program

4-H Portable Challenge
This program provides participants with the following opportunities:

  • Effective Communication
  • Trust and Relationship Building
  • Healthy Risk-taking
  • A Shared Experience
  • Leadership Skills
  • Decision-Making

For Teachers/Educators
We'll visit your classroom!  Cost is FREE in Mahaska County.  Any classroom or site outside of Mahaska County will be charged mileage from Oskaloosa ($.50 per mile).  We will schedule visits as our trained staff are available.  Reservations must be made via email at vermeera@iastate.edu.
For Parents/Youth
These activities will each contain a problem to solve or task to complete.  Youth participants will work together to communicate, develop a plan, work towards the outcome, and to determine a solution.  Some activities have solutions and others don't.  The process for either outcome is always discussed.
There are hundreds of 4-H Portable Challenge activities to choose from.  Some of the activities are listed below:

  • Get To Know You/Icebreakers
        Are You More Like?, As If, Bandana Monster, The Bus, Thumballs, Commonalities, First Impressions, Hog Call, Two Truths and a Fib, Human Treasure Hunt, Neat Names, etc.
  • Energizers
        Fire Tag, Flip Me The Bird, Monkey in the Middle, Playdough Pictionary, Rattlers, Viper Tag, Wizards & Gelflings, Noodle Tag, We're a... They're a..., etc.
  • Problem Solvers
        2B or Knot 2B; Blind Line Up, Bull Ring, Gutter Ball, Buzz Ring, Human Knot, Lily Pads, Lycra Tube, Skin the Snake/Bandana, Tossing the Pizza, etc.
  • Diversity
        Blind Shapes, Conflict Animals, Laughin Matters, The Sneetches, Cross the Line, Inside Outside Cards, Mix & Match Emotions, etc.
  • Trust (these will be done at later sessions, as some activities require strong trust within the group)
        Human Camera, Lap Sit, Raccoon Circles, Trio Trust Lean, Trust Walk/Robots, Wind in the Willows, etc.
  • Processing
        Each activity will be processed by the entire group, other processing activities are also available to help group with becoming comfortable with processing/de-briefing


Ricochet: An Extreme Leadership Adventure
This program is for Middle School Students in Mahaska County.  Ricochet is an amazing program to develop young leaders and would be great for those who are shy/timid and those who excel as communicators.  Participants will work as a team to complete the activities and tasks and will complete their sessions with a community service project to better the area in which the group meets.  Check out this VIDEO for more information on how Ricochet impacted a different Iowa community.
Anti-Bullying Program
We will offer an Anti-Bullying Program to educators.  Currently, the program is being developed.  If you are interested in a visit in 2015-2016, please contact Amy Brainard, County Youth Coordinator at vermeera@iastate.edu.
THANK YOU to United Way of Mahaska County for the funding we used to purchase these educational and fun materials!

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