Lyon County School Enrichment Programs & Resources

The following curriculums with an asterisk

 may have to be reserved from other offices in the area.*


*Bridge Design ( 3-5) – Introduces students to the exciting career of engineering as they design a structure to meet a specific need.


*Exploring the Universe (K-12) – This check-out kit is a resource with a focus on astronomy.  Contains a telescope, star finders and resource books with astronomy activities for all grade levels.


*Food in Space-How much do you know about foods eaten in Space? This kit includes a lunch tray contains foods that scientists actually eat in space.  


*Marsville-An experiential project for 4th graders that asks youth to create a new settlement on Mars.  This simulation experience stresses communication and problem solving skills.


*Robotix: Roving on Mars (6-8) – This check-out kit contains everything needed to help students learn about Mars and design and build Robotix exploration vehicles.


*Wonderwise-Introduces youth to women who have made science their career. Kits provide a comprehensive instructional package that includes a video, activity book and CD-Rom. Choices include: African Plant Explorer, Space Geologist, Vet Detective, Parasite Sleuth, Rainforest Ecologist, Sea Otter Biologist, Pollen Detective, & Genetics Counselor


The following curriculum are designed to be presented by an Extension Agent.

A teacher may check out after an Extension Agent has presented it.

Call to schedule time for presentation and/or use in your classroom.


Biotechnology School Enrichment (5-6, 7-8, 9-12) – Provides students with hands-on biotechnology activities which can take 6-8 hours of classroom time to complete.  An Extension Agent trained in biotechnology concepts teaches the curriculum.


Growing in the Garden (K-3) - This curriculum is designed to be used in the classroom over a 2-8 week series.  Includes lessons, games, songs, activities, crafts, books, videos and snacks to help students learn about and experience agriculture and natural resources.  Individual lessons and activities may be used for shorter durations.


Kitchen Science ( 4-6) – Includes 5 science experiments and is designed to be presented over a one-week time frame to teach students many science concepts relating to food.


*Microscopes and Cells (4-8) – Explore the microscope, cells, what is DNA, and biotechnology applications with hands-on activities. Designed to be presented to the 4th – 8th grades over 3 sessions.


Money Sense for Children – This curriculum is designed to be presented to 4th grade classrooms over a one week (5 session) time frame.  It uses games and hands-on activities to explore how youth decide what to buy.


On My Own and Okay – This curriculum is designed to be presented to 4th grade classrooms over a one-week (5-session) time frame.  It uses games, hands-on activities and classroom snacks to teach students how they can be safe when they are home alone.


Rockets Away (K-6) – Blast off for an action-packed adventure in the exploration of rocketry science.  All activities lead up to the ultimate thrill-launching a pop bottle rocket.


Where We Live (4-6) – Designed to be used in the classroom over a 2-5 week series.  The fun, hands-on activities engage students’ minds to figure out how people, plants and animals live together in communities with the land. Individual lessons and activities may be used for shorter durations.


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