How to Join 4-H

The Lyon County 4-H program is open to all boys and girls in grades 4-12 living in or near Lyon County.  A member may hold membership in one county only.

1. Choose a 4-H club that you want to join. There are 10 4-H clubs in Lyon County.  Consider where and when a club meets and how that will work for your family.  Visit clubs you are interested in.  Make sure you call ahead before you attend a meeting to let the leader know you'll be coming and to make sure that the meeting date or time hasn't been changed for a special event. 

2. Once you've chosen a club, let the club leader know you plan to join.  He or she will provide you with the Enrollment form and 4-H Medical Release Form or you can print each off the web.  Turn the enrollment form and medical release form into your 4-H leader or the Extension office

3. Pick your projects.  Use the Pick Your Adventure to help you decide which project areas you would like to enroll in for the 4-H year.  Projects vs. Exhibits information

Members participate in project areas to gain knowledge, develop pride of ownership, learn the joy of accomplishment, explore future career possibilities, and enjoy the fun of working with a group.  4-H has over 50 different project areas for members to participate.  For a complete list of projects see the Pick Your Adventure (replaces 4-H Pick Your Project).

4. You will receive a monthly 4-H newsletter called the Lyon Lingo.  The Extension office uses the newsletter as a major form of communication with families. 

Most clubs meet once a month for one to two hours in a member's home, church, school, community center etc.  The meeting format generally includes:

  • Recreation
  • Business Meeting (using Parliamentary Procedures)
  • Educational Presentations (by members or leaders)
  • Refreshments

Clubs also decide on a wide range of recreational, educational, and community service activities, such as parties, camp outs, field trips, caroling, cleanups, etc.

If you are interested in joining the 4-H program in Lyon County, please contact the Lyon County Extension Office at (712) 472-2576 or e-mail

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