ATTENTION Manure Applicators - Reshow Policy

COMMERCIAL MANURE APPLICATOR certification DVD will be shown on the 2ND Thursday of each month starting March 10, 2016 at 9:00 A.M.. 

CONFINEMENT SITE MANURE APPLICATOR certification DVD will be shown on the 2ND Thursday of each month beginning March 10, 2016 at 1:00 P.M..  

DRY MANURE APPLICATOR training DVD will meet certification requirements for both commercial and confinement site manure applicators and will be available upon request.

**Applicators are required to call ahead to make an appointment at least one day in advance to view the reshow and if no one calls to schedule an appointment, the DVD will not be shown. Also, in the event that a conflict arises with this date and time, such as another extension program, the DVD will not be shown that month.

Lyon County - "no charge" reshow dates in 2016 will be: 

March 10
April 8
May 12
June 9
August 11
September 8
October 13
November 10
December 8

**There is no charge for attending the workshops or viewing the DVD on the scheduled reshow dates at the Lyon County Extension Office.  Beginning March 1, 2016, applicators may request to view the DVD on dates not scheduled by the county extension office however, applicators will be charged a manure reshow fee of $10.00 per person

Any questions, call the Lyon County Extension Office at (712) 472-2576 or email

Lyon County Extension Office
710 N 2ND Ave E, Suite 103
Rock Rapids, IA 51246.

Please contact the following offices to verify times and locations of manure reshow days. Thanks!

Lyon County (712) 472-2576 - manure reshow day 2ND Thursday of Month

O'Brien County (712) 957-5045 - manure reshow day 1ST Thursday of Month

Osceola County (712) 754-3648 - manure reshow day 2ND Tuesday of Month

Sioux County (712) 737-4230 - manure reshow day 3RD Thursday of Month

Clay County (712) 262-2264 - manure reshow days 2ND Tuesday, 3RD Wednesday, 4TH Thursday of Month

Dickinson County (712) 336-3488 - manure reshow day 3RD Thursday of Month


NEW | On-line Manure Applicator Certification

Commercial and Confinement applicators now have another option, online certification, which an applicator can take their training on-line at DNR MAC eLearning site at The applicator will need to sign-in and get an A&A account (instructions listed on the site).

Once the applicator has successfully done all the modules, they will be instructed on how to obtain their certificate and to pay for their certification.

Each applicator wanting to receive their instruction this way will need a computer. Only one person will get credit, so if more than one person “watches” the program, the person who signed in will get certified. If more applicators want to be certified at the same time, they will need to schedule time in your office to watch the DVD.

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