Smart Choice Health Insurance

FREE Extension workshop will address

  • Key health insurance terms and concepts
  • Thinking about your health care needs
  • Comparing policies
  • The new Health Insurance Marketplace
  • Premium Tax Credits and other cost reductions

The workshop will be led by Joyce Lash, Extension Family Finance specialist, and will be non-commercial and non-political.  The workshop will introduce the new Health Insurance Marketplace – what it is and how to use it - and will describe the cost reductions available to many Iowans.  Participants will also build information and skills for choosing a health insurance policy that fits their needs.
Why does this matter now?  The health insurance system is changing!  Many Iowans have more health insurance options for 2014 than in the past.

  • People with pre-existing health problems now cannot be denied or charged more for coverage.
  • People who couldn’t afford insurance will now have access to cost breaks – perhaps even for insurance with zero premium.
  • A new customer-friendly marketplace makes it easier to compare health insurance options.

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