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4-H is open to anyone in 4th through 12th grade.
If you are thinking about joining 4-H, first you'll need to decide which 4-H club to join.
There are many clubs in Louisa County to choose from.
To visit a club meeting, you can contact a club leader from this list or contact the Louisa County Extension Office at 523-2371.
Once you decide upon which club to join, you'll need to enroll in 4-H. This consists of completing information online. 4-H for Louisa County 4-Hers is free of charge for those who enroll by November 1st. Our local 4-H Foundation holds a yearly fundraiser to cover these fees for our members!
Enrollment is completed online at and begins on September 3rd.
To learn more about Louisa county 4-H in general, check out the Louisa County 4-H Handbook.

County 4-H News

September 23, 2013

Current and past issues of the the 4-H Extension Cord, Louisa County's own 4-H newsetter. Your source for 4-H news: events, announcements, due dates and more!

April 3, 2015

Are you interested in the horticulture field?  Seeking a degree in turf?  Needing financial assistance for college?  We have the opportunity for you!

April 1, 2015

Join other Louisa County youth as we explore different areas of STEM!

March 27, 2014

All things County Fair, forms, rules, schedules and the Fair Book!

November 26, 2013

4-H Juniors and Seniors please apply!

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