Educational Hands-On Kits

educational hands on kits

Research shows that hands-on learning is one of the best ways for youth to retain knowledge.  Youths that participate in the use of our educational hands-on kits are given an introduction to science concepts through hands-on learning and are able to practice work skill areas like team building, problem solving and communication skills.   



Kits can be used by:  teachers, afterschool providers, summer day camp personnel, homeschool families and 4-H clubs among others. One family had this to say about using the kits:

“We homeschool and the science kits are a great way to teach lessons about science.  The action of doing the rocket kit in particular was fun and educational.  Without building and seeing the rockets in action, some of newton’s laws would have been hard for us to get the kids to understand.     -Steve & Jessie, Marion, IA


Fee Schedule -
annual membership fee provides access to all kits from September 1 - August 31

  • $30 fee per school building or group.
  • $15 per individual family who are associated with the Home School Association
  • $30 per individual family not associated with the Home School Association 
  • If you or your organization has not paid the annual fee, download and complete the Annual Membership Form and mail to us with your annual fee.


  • Please reserve kits at least 2 weeks in advance. Call (319) 377-9839 
  • Kits may be checked out for up to two weeks.  View the dates kits are available: Educational HandsON Kits Checkout Calendar Kits can be picked up and returned to the Linn County Extension office from 8am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday
  • A $10 deposit will be collected at check-out.  This deposity will be refunded if kit is returned on date due and in acceptable condition.


Damage Control: 

  • If we feel there is any damage beyond normal use, we will bill the individual for the repair/replacement of the kit.
  • Families/groups who do not pay when billed will not be permitted to check out any kits until the bill is paid.




Kits Grades K-2 

• Anansi The Spider

Be Smart with Money


• Chemical Reactions - Make crystal garden


 Delightful Dogs


Dig Those Dinosaurs

 Experimenting with the Five Senses

Honey Bees

• I Am Special

I Want A Pet                 

• Making Air Work

• Nature Fun

• Our Feathered Friends

Pete's A Pizza

• The Wonder of Water

Today I Feel Silly


Kits Grades 3-5

 Air Pressure





Kits Grades 3-8

These Wonderwise kits introduce you to women who have made science their career.  Wonderwise kits provide a comprehensive instructional package that includes a video, activity book, and CD-ROM.  With these kits, leaders and youth explore the world of scientists and discover together the fun of learning about science.

 African Plant Explorer

 Space Geologist

 Urban Ecologist

 Vet Detective


Super Science Kits

(Grades 3-12)

 Astronomy - Exploring the Universe

 Bridges and Structures 

 DNA Extraction Kit

 DNA Fingerprinting

 Food in Space NASA

• GPS - Ready to Navigate

• Invent - African American Inventors and Inventing  

• Recharge - Nutrition and Physical Activity


 Rockets Away

 Toys in Space






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