Portable Produce Patch DIY

Portable produce patch diy container garden

• Clean container (plastic, clay, ceramic or wood)
• Seeds or transplants
• Soil-less potting mix
• Label for plants (can be made from plastic silverware, piece of mini-blind)

• Container Selection: choose size of container based on size of plant, plants will grow larger with more space
• Light: determine how  close and how much sun/artificial, fluorescent light the plant will need
• Water: keep soil evenly damp but not wet

1. Gather all supplies
2. Add water to soil-less potting mix and mix.  You will know your potting mix is moist enough when it forms a clump when you squeeze it, but falls apart when you move your fingers.
3. Put soil-less potting mix into your container
4. Plant seeds (follow instructions on packet)
5. Water
6. Place container in sunny spot or under fluorescent light

Portable Produce Patch container garden

What are the Benefits of Container Gardens?

• Provide a source of local, nutritious food
• Allow you to garden in a small space
• Cost less to start
• Require less maintenance
• Create a beautiful, functional display
• Connect children with nature
• Can be moved
• Teach children about where food comes from
• Expose you to a wider variety of produce
• Allow for easier access than in-ground gardens
• Drain well
• Going through seed catalogs is a great way to enjoy a winter day!


To see a container planting in action, check out this video from Penn State, the Three Minute Gardener:The Three Minute Gardener Container Gardening


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