Planning Environmentally Friendly Events

Have you ever planned an event, workshop, office meeting or training and had to decide what refreshments or meal to provide for those in attendance?  ISU Extension and Outreach Family Life Specialist, Kristi Cooper, recommends we focus on the quality and quantity of refreshments when we plan these events.  


“You are a powerful influence on the health of your clientele and the environment when you provide positive examples. Tell your customers that you care about their well-being and you are making conscious choices in the refreshments for this meeting,” Kristi says.


Kristi recommends considering the healthy food ideas presented in Guidelines for Offering Healthy Foods at Meetings, Seminars and Catered Events and Eat Smart when you plan refreshments for your next gathering.


“Consider these environmentally friendly choices for serving refreshments.  They will save you money and time,” says Kristi.

·         Invite participants to bring their own beverage containers.

·         Sell or give away Extension mugs/bottles for participants to use instead of disposable.

·         Provide filtered water in pitchers instead of individual plastic bottles.

·         Offer fresh fruit and other whole foods that do not require the use of disposable paper products. 

·         When possible choose foods that have been produced locally and without chemicals.

·         Make available clearly marked composting and recycling containers in your meeting room.


For more ideas on living sustainably and making healthier choices for you and your family, check out Kristi’s Eco Family Blog.

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