Linn County Master Gardeners Receive Excellence Awards

Linn County Master Gardener receive state awards for work

(photo caption: left to right: Preston Sargent, Lisa Dytrych, Mike Dytrych, Rachel Summy, Debbie Gordon, Denny Schrock, Linn County Master Gardener Shelby Foley, Linn County Master Gardener Phil Pfister.)
We know volunteers have an enormous impact on the health and well-being of communities world-wide and the growth and develoment of the individuals within our communities.  The impact a volunteer can have in whatever capacity it is they choose can make a huge difference in people's lives and the direction their life takes.  We know that without volunteers - we wouldn't come close to having the impact that we do. 
The Linn County Master Gardeners are without a doubt one of the most amazing, talented, hard-working group of volunteers! And their outreach and impact that they have on educating and helping individuals in our community is huge! It's not suprising then, that at the State Master Gardener Summer Session on July 12-13, 2013 there were four outstanding Master Gardener projects named as recipients of the Iowa Master Gardener Search for Excellence Awards and two of the four were awarded to projects in Linn County!
The first Linn County Master Gardener project given an excellence award: Lowe Park Greenhouse. The Linn County Master Gardener who support this project include Michael Anderson, Steve Bartlett, Barb Brown, Devon Dietz, Shelby Foley, Tim Gilbertson, Karen Hacke, Phil Pfister, Tom Roe, Doug Smith
The second Linn County Master Gardener project given an excellence award: Lowe Park Demonstration GardensThe Linn County Master Gardener who support this project include Donna Anderson, Tony Arduini, Laurie Azeltine, Steve Bartlett, Pam Brackey, Devon Dietz, Judi Dolezal, Shelby Foley, JoEllen Funk, Marcia Gray, Beth Grief, Karen Hacke, Linda Hayward, Darrell Hennessey, Sandra Holterhaus, Pat Irvin, Jane Schildroth, Nancy Schneider, Doug Smith, Nancy Sutherland
CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to all Linn County Master Gardeners who give of their time to make a difference in our community! 

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