How Public Television Taught Me Sustainability

I have to tell you . . . I think I am in love . . . with this public television series called b organic.  Michele, the host of the show is soooo amazing and shows many ways to live sustainably and beautifully!  In the episodes I watched I came away with two really cool concepts – how to use concrete and winebottles become beautiful countertops – a kitchen remodel is in my future as  two sections of my 30+ year old counters cracked this winter.  I love the look of granite, but am troubled by the thought of someone mining it for my kitchen.  I know, sand and lime for the concrete has to be mined, too.  Stay tuned on this thought process . . .


The other idea, well,  it was more an affirmation, that  host Michele stated – “We had planned to replace the existing water heater with a tankless heater for more energy efficiency. But it didn’t make sense to put a perfectly good water heater in the landfill.  When we need a new one later we will put in a more efficient model.”  I love this – if it’s not broken, don’t replace it! It will save you money and landfill space now! I appreciate the practicality of her decision. 

I think being conscious of our choices is the best practice for sustainable living.What are you considering when you make sustainable living decisions?

Kristi Cooper
ISU Extension & Outreach Linn County Family Life Specialist

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