How can you request a Master Gardener to speak to your organization?

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Despite the colder temperatures outside, gardeners are still potting and planning. Some are using season extension methods while others are thinking about next gardening season. In fact, the Linn County Master Gardener Speakers Bureau receives more speaker requests during the Fall/ Winter months than any other time, primarily because those who generally like to hear from Master Gardeners are busy in their own garden during the gardening season. Nearly every week someone is asking about the Speakers Bureau. This week, I will attempt to answer those questions!
What is the Linn County Master Gardeners’ (LCMG) Speakers Bureau all about?
The LCMG Speakers Bureau was founded to educate groups and organizations on a variety of horticulture topics.  The Master Gardeners’ presentations are given free of charge, however, donations to the program are accepted. For events outside Linn County, LCMGs will also accept mileage reimbursement.
Linn County Master Gardeners are a dedicated group of volunteers, who have completed training from Iowa State University and are willing to share their horticulture knowledge with others in the community. There are over 175 active LCMGs currently. Linn County Extension Master Gardeners have received statewide recognition for their work to provide gardening education to the public.
In 2012, LCMGs spoke at over 50 events hosted by community groups, gardening clubs, afterschool programs, schools, churches, non-profit organizations, economic development groups, homeschoolers, among others.  
What topics can the Master Gardeners talk about?
You name it and there is probably a LCMG who can talk about it! Check out the list of topics.
How can you request that a Master Gardener come and speak to your organization?
To request a Master Gardener to come and speak to your group, fill out the request form online. You can also email or call (319) 3778-9839 ext. 309.

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