The Homegrown Lifestyle Network

Homegrown Lifestyle Network

What is the Homegrown Lifestyle Network?
A group of individuals eager to connect to the land, grow their own food in a way that sustains their natural environment, and create a sustainable way of life.  This program, through Linn County Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, provides opportunities for the general public to enjoy monthly tours, speakers, and other educational opportunities related to the topics covered by the Homegrown Lifestyle program (urban agriculture, local foods, edible landscape design, trees, fruits, vegetables, food preservation, beekeeping, poultry, natural resource conservation, and much more). 

Members of the Homegrown Lifestyle Network include those that complete the Homegrown Lifestyle Program, a 12 week Extension course that provides instruction on land stewardship, edible landscaping, adopting livestock to your land and more, then extend what they learned to the public (which can include their family and friends). Homegrown Network members are volunteers who host or attend monthly events, workshops and tours - they learn from one another and share their experiences!

Would you like to be a part of the Network?  Contact us to be part of it:  Kathy Wimer 319-377-9839 or by email to

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