Backyard Weekly for the week of February 27

Weekly lawn and garden tips from ISU Linn County Extension Master Gardeners for the week of February 27, 2012.


      Start caladiums in pots

      Sow seeds of parsley,  broccoli, cabbage, or cauliflower for April planting

      Prune grapevines and raspberries

      Build a cold frame to use later for cool season crops (lettuce, spinach, and radish etc).

      Spray dormant oil to control scale and other overwintering pests.  Spray on any day above 40 deg F, when forecast temperatures remain above freezing for 24 hours.  This may be done until buds swell.

      Wait until April to fertilize houseplants.

      Cut branches of spring flowering trees (forsythia, redbud, pussy willow, crabapple etc.) for forcing indoors after developing tiny buds.  Soak branch in cold water for a few hours, put in vase, and watch buds open over next few days.

Do you have a horticulture question?  For unbiased, research-based information call the Linn County Extension Master Gardener Hortline at 319-447-0647.

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