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April 9, 2013

ISU Linn County Extension's Community Ag Programs Manager, Michelle Kenyon Brown, writes a weekly column for The Gazette called From the Ground Up  This week her column focus on spring cleaning outdoors.

how to evaluate forage stands for winter injury
April 9, 2013

This winter, the crown temperatures have likely not been cold enough for direct cold injury to perennial forage plants, even without snow cover. While day temperatures have been warmer than normal for short periods through February and early March, night temperatures have, hopefully, been cold enough to prevent the plants from breaking dormancy. A significant concern are the localized, frozen, ponded areas. How well did they handle this winter? It is time to go find out.

little mr. and miss contest linn county fair 2013 iowa
April 4, 2013

Applications for this contest are due by May 15th, 2013 to the Linn County Extension Office.

Michelle Kenyon Brown From the Ground Up column gardening cedar rapids
April 2, 2013

ISU Linn County Extension's Community Ag Programs Manager, Michelle Kenyon Brown, writes a weekly column for The Gazette called From the Ground Up  This week her column focus on the local food options for non-gardeners.

human trafficking awareness meeting cedar rapids iowa
March 19, 2013

Learn about one of the most horrendous crimes in the world! (And yes, it is happening right here in Iowa!) 

Nonprofit Management Academy cedar rapids iowa class professional development
March 7, 2013

A comprehensive educational program for the nonprofit sector where participants can expect to gain new ideas, contacts and a network of professional support, new information and increased knowledge, and suggestions on how to apply the information presented in each course.  Classes run March-November 2013.  Enroll today!

Homegrown Lifestyle tour cedar rapids iowa
January 23, 2013

It's back by popular demand!  Join a course designed for people living on a large lot, small acreage, or in an urban setting who want to take full advantage of their space to collect rainwater, make compost and learn how to grow small fruits and vegetables.

snow on branch can damage trees and shrubs
January 9, 2013

Snow is a great insulator for ground perennials but can badly damage trees and shrubs. Sometimes it is impossible to prevent winter damage but here are a few tips to keep in mind for the rest of winter.

January 8, 2013

Getting Your Hands Dirty and Your Feet Wet Again is a compilation of gardening information, personal experiences, and answers to common garden questions. 

ISU Linn County Extension has moved to Cedar Rapids from Marion
December 3, 2012

ISU Extension Linn County is officially part of Cedar Rapids!  Come visit us at our new location on Collins Road - close to Lindale Mall.

force spring bulbs crocus in February
November 19, 2012

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have crocus bulbs to bloom in February!  It doesn’t seem to be difficult – the hardest part is going to be finding room in the fridge!  You can try it, too.

Mary Dlouhy Alburnett receives Iowa Pride of Extension Award
November 19, 2012

She is the first to greet you with a smile when you walk through the door of ISU Linn County Extension in Marion and the first to greet you with a cheery hello when you phone the office.

death unclaimed life insurance poilicy help for parents
October 11, 2012

When someone loses a spouse in death it’s very easy for them to lose track of their finances at the same time.  As a result there are billions in unclaimed life insurance policies.  What can you do to prevent this from happening to  your parent?

credit card number stolen what should you do
October 11, 2012

Have you ever received this message on your cell phone: “your credit card number has been stolen; please call back”?  After you call your credit card company to resolve the issue what other steps should you take?

make your office greener use cloth napkins
October 4, 2012

I have had fun watching the gradual “greening” of  our office practices over the last few years.   As staff come and go it is interesting to see which practices have been introduced, which ones go away after an individual leaves and which ones stick around.  Could your office implement some of these ideas to make it "greener"?

what to do if you or your child is bullied
October 2, 2012

Learn why bystanders play an important role in bullying prevention and intervention and what they can do.  As well as the most helpful and least helpful stategies to use if you are being bullied.

clematis vine add vertical interest to landscape
August 21, 2012

Think up, not out – and add a little vertical interest to your landscape with vines! Most vines are low-maintenance; fast growing and can even add shade to a sunny spot.

japanese beetle
July 30, 2012

Learn more about this summer pest and some of the best ways to deter them from eating your plants.

Tips to Conserve water fix leaky faucets
July 26, 2012

Although we cannot change the weather, there are ways we can conserve water use in our households. I encourage families to post this list at home and challenge all family members to find new ways to conserve water.

drought chopped corn silage can be toxic to livestock
July 26, 2012

When a corn plant is stunted, or not growing normally, nitrates can build up in the plant. Typically, nitrogen that is taken up by the corn plant is converted to amino acids ― the building blocks of protein ― but in the stressed plant this conversion does not occur. And that’s why producers need to know how to handle and feed drought-damaged corn in silage form. 

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