Safe from the Start

How can kids be safe home aloneWhen a child is young, friends and family celebrate every milestone – first word, first step, first day at school.  All of these milestones are a part of the journey to becoming an independent adult.  Another milestone is the first time a child is “home alone” and just like the other milestones there are many steps to reaching this new stage of life.

Sometime between 4th and 6th grade children express an interest in spending time alone. 

The Parent and Family Checklist will help you evaluate your child’s readiness to be alone and to decide what skills need more work. 

The Parent and Family Guide has lots of information to help you think about the ways you can plan to make your child's time alone a safe and meaningful experience.  There are tips for making family rules, information to help your child to handle emergencies and small crisis, and other ideas to help you support your child.

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On Their Own and OK
is a class designed to prepare children to be home alone when their parent is at work. Topics covered in this class include communication, safety, ways to deal with boredom, preparing snacks and how to handle small emergencies. Activities are included for children to complete at home with a parent. Learn more about classes in Linn County.


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