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The Parent Education Consortium (PEC) provides parenting workshops and resources to any parent of a young child (0-5 years old) as well as group presentations to caregivers, educators and community members on a wide variety of topics related to parenting practices and healthy development.

Parenting Young Children Workshops*

These workshops are designed for the parents of infants, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten age children (birth-5 years old). Parents meet in a small group setting with one of our parent educators while children play in on-site childcare.

• include a FREE family meal and light refreshments during each session
• include FREE program materials
•  provide FREE on-site child care
•  are an investment in your child’s future with benefits that last a lifetime!

REGISTRATION is required: REGISTER ONLINE, call 319-540-2426 or email

Parenting Resource Materials - Books, DVDs and Handouts

The PEC has a wealth of DVD’s and print materials on topics important to parents and caregivers of young children. A select number of materials are also available for loan at any of our parenting class locations throughout the year OR by contacting Janice at PEC by calling 319-377-9839 Ext. 302 or emailing

Check out the resources we have available:
Parenting Books
Parenting DVDs

Parenting Handouts
The PEC has a wealth of handouts available on a variety of topics related to child and family development. Below is a sampling of handouts readily available. Many handout topics are not listed. Please contact the PEC office at 319-377-9839 to order handouts, or to request information on topics not listed below.
Parenthood and Marriage
Divorced Parents, Single Parents and Step Families
Parenting Young Children

Group Presentations

In order to keep parents, caregivers, educators and community members abreast of current trends in the field of parent education, the PEC coordinates and delivers presentations in the community on a wide variety of topics related to parenting practices and healthy family development.  

The PEC staff has a variety of topics readily available for presentation.  Specific requests for customized community education sessions will be considered on a case by case basis.  To schedule a presentation please contact the Parent Education Consortium.

Community Education topics for presentations

Early Childhood Iowa

It is through the use of Linn County Community Empowerment funds that the PEC is able to provide these services to parents and caregivers of young children in our community.

* All workshops are offered contingent upon minimum enrollment requirements. PEC reserves the right to cancel or postpone low-enrollment workshops when necessary.

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