Parenting Answers for Divorced, Single and Coparenting Families

Parenting Ideas, Advice and Answers for Divorced, Single and Co-parenting Families


Parent Education Consortium

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Ten Ways to Make Time for your Children
60 Seconds to Debt Free Living

A Childs Reaction to Divorce

A Dads Secret Weapon on Parental Discussion

Allowing My Child to Love Both Families

A New Family Bill of Rights

Building Relationships With your Step Children

Childrens' Rights
Common Step Family Myths
Communication With Your Ex
Considerations When Changing Households
Coping with Stress and Change
Creating Two Homes
Dear Mommy and Daddy When you are Dating
Defuse with Limits
Divorce Matters - A Child's View
Divorce Rules
Financial Pitfalls for the Single Parent
Frequently Asked Questions about Step Family Life
Hope for Step Fathers
Important Things Non-custodial and Custodial Parents Should know about Child Support
Parenting in Step Families
Parenting on your Own
Step Family Facts
Step Parenting Tips
Successful Summer Visitations
Taking Control of Children
Talking with Children
Tips for Easy Transitions
Tips for Effective Co-Parenting - Parenting as a Team
Tips for Parenting Long Distance
Tips for Parents who don't live with their Children
Visitation dos and don'ts
and Your Children's Mother- Overcoming Anger for your Kids' Sake
You can be a Great Step Father

The PEC has a wealth of handouts available on a variety of topics related to child and family development. Below is a sampling of handouts readily available on some other topics that may help your family. Many handout topics are not listed. Please contact the PEC office at 319-377-9839 to order handouts, or to request information on topics not listed on the pages below.
Parenthood and Marriage
Parenting Young Children

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