Linn County Master Gardeners Speakers Bureau

Linn County Master Gardeners give presentation speak to group
The Linn County Master Gardeners’ Speakers Bureau was founded to educate groups and organizations on a variety of horticulture topics.  The Master Gardeners’ presentations are given free of charge.
Linn County Master Gardeners are a dedicated group of volunteers, who have completed training from Iowa State University and are willing to share their horticulture knowledge with others in the community.
How can you request that a Master Gardener come and speak to your organization?
To request a Master Gardener to come and speak to your group, fill out the request form; call Linn County Extension at 319.377.9839; or email your request to:
The Linn County Master Gardeners Speakers Bureau TOPICS include
o All About Bulbs
o Annual Flowers
o Attracting Hummingbirds
o Birds/Bird Gardening
o Blueberries
o Butterflies/Butterfly Gardens
o Composting/Vermiculture
o Coral Bells
o Culinary Herbs to Grow in Iowa
o Curb Appeal
o Daylillies
o Drought Information (Water Conservation) for the Garden
o Dwarf Conifers
o DYI Landscaping
o Earth-friendly Lawn Care
o Everlasting Flower Garden
o Fairy Garden
o Flower Container Gardening
o Forcing Bulbs
o Garden Fall Clean Up/Putting your Garden to Sleep
o Garden/From Earth to Table
o Gardening 101
o Gardening Smart to Save your Back/Ergonomic Tools
o Gardening with Children
o Good Bugs/Bad Bugs
o Hardy Bulbs (Allium, Tulip, Daffodil))
o Hostas
o Houseplants
o Iowa Fruits
o Kinetic Garden Ornaments
o Lilies (Asiatic, Oriental)
o Living with Bambi
o Moth Orchids
o Mushrooms
o Native plant gardening
o New Generation Vegetable Garden/From Earth to Table
o Ornamental Grasses
o Peonies
o Perennials
o Plants of the Bible
o Plants Which Have Affected our History
o Ponds and Water Features
o Prairie Grass
o Questions & Answers
o Rain Gardens
o Raised Beds/Grow More in Less Space
o Rocks/Minerals
o Salsa Ingredients
o Shrub Care
o Starting Garden Transplants
o Shade Plants
o The Kitchen Garden
o The Monet Garden
o Tree Selection and Pruning
o Tree Care and Maintenance
o Vegetable Container Gardening
o Water in the Garden
o Wildlife Habitat Information
o Winter Containers
o Woodland Flowers
o Yard Art
o and more!
To request a Master Gardener to come and speak to your group, fill out the request form and submit by email to

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