Library Talks - Ladd Library

February - Wednesday Ladd Library 6:30-7:30

February 3  - Companion Planting in Any Location – LCMG Debbie Main
Ever wonder how you can get higher production and natural pest control in your vegetable and flower gardens? Debbie will provide tips on which plants work happiest together and how to grow your plants as organically as possible. 
February 10 - Gardening Safety - LCMG Kate Kendall         
Do you like to avoid aches, pains, and injuries? Join LCMG and retired safety manager Kate Kendall to learn more about reducing risks in everyday gardening activities. How tools and practices influence body mechanics. Decode ANSI Z87, NRR, and N95 markings on eye and hearing protectors, or a face mask to understand what protection the device offers.
February 17 - New Perennials - LCMG Deb Walser
Garden catalogs are full of amazing perennials. How do we select the right perennials for our garden? Which Perennials are the best for Iowa gardens?  Even if you have been growing Perennials for years, Deb Walser will show some of the newest and coolest perennials available in Nurseries near you. Deb will also talk about her favorite plants that grow in her gardens.
February 24 - Heavenly Hydrangeas - LCMG Wil Carew
Hydrangeas bloom in a variety of colors including white, blue, pink, green and red too.  Join Wil as he discusses the how-to’s of planting and pruning. He also shares those varieties which are his personal ‘celestial’ favorites and are locally available.

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