Library Talks - Ladd Library

April - Wednesday Ladd Library 6:30-7:30

April 5 - Everything Whimsical - Lori Bailey, LCMG
Let the fun begin! How about putting a little whimsy in your garden! Lori Bailey, Linn County Master Gardener will share how to put your own personal style and artful fun into your garden.  Learn how to accent your favorite plants with colorful, purposeful and whimsical garden art.  It will turn your garden into a unique, one of a kind backyard retreat! 
April 12 - Spring Garden Maintenance - Wil Carew, LCMG
Waking your  Landscape up:   It’s spring.  Time to get your yard, landscape and gardens ready for another growing season, but how do I start?”  Join Master Gardener Wil Carew as he covers what to do, when to do it, and why! 
April 19 - New Perennials 2017 - Deb Walser, LCMG
Garden Catalogs are full of amazing perennials.  Learn how to select the best for your garden. Deb will show some of the newest and coolest perennials available in Nurseries near you and talk about her favorite plants that grow in her gardens
April 26 - Daylilies: A Most “Mis-Underestimated” Perennial – Zora Ronan, LCMG
This class is for those gardeners who think that all daylilies are yellow or orange, and who want to move beyond ‘Stellas’.  LCMG and American Hemerocallis Garden Judge Zora Ronan will explore the many forms, patterns, and colors in the daylily world and how to incorporate them in your gardens

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