Library Talks - Ladd Library

October - Wednesday Ladd Library 6:30-7:30

October 5 Your Backyard is For the Birds -Devon Dietz, LCMG
The presentation will concentrate on the needs of birds and what will attract them to your yard.  The focus will be on the most popular birds for Iowans.  The year round enjoyment of birds is the objective.
October 12 Planting Daylilies –Zora Ronan, LCMG
While it is too late to plant this year, this class will give you the information needed to get a daylily garden started in the spring. You will learn how to select the best daylilies, plant them properly and care for them through the growing season.
October 19 Dazzling Dahlias - Beula Dvorak LCMG
I fell in love with dahlias on a recent trip to Nova Scotia….. Now, come join Master Gardener Beula Dvorak share some of her favorites and gain some tips on growing them and put more dazzle in your gardens
October 26 Steps and Stones - Debbie Main, LCMH
Less mowing and less weeding! LCMG Debbie Main will walk you through ways to incorporate paths and steps into your existing landscaping. She will cover materials and preparation as well as design elements to enhance your home and garden style.

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