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County News

February 15, 2017

Article by Denise Klemp

Many of us are having a great time looking through the seed catalogs that have recently arrived in the mail.  Catalogs are a great source of information, highlighting new plant varieties, giving us fresh ideas for the planting season, and providing brief descriptions of plants along with essential requirements for growing success.  

February 7, 2017

MG Article by Linda Skvor

That small window of opportunity to trim oak trees (December through the end of February) is quickly nearing its end, so if you still have this item on your winter to-do list, better get to it soon.  So why only a few months to prune my oaks?  Oaks are susceptible to oak wilt, a fungal disease which is spread by sap-feeding beetles.  

February 2, 2017

MG Article by Denise Klemp

Everyone loves bouquets of fresh flowers. They bring the beauty and scents of the garden indoors.  One of the ongoing dilemmas for gardeners is to make the decision to give up blooms from established gardens for bouquets, or leave them to enhance the yard.  Solution: Make plans for a cutting garden of annuals for an endless supply of blooms.  

February 2, 2017

MG Article by Judy Stevens

Parsley is a plant that appears to be very common yet has unique qualities that aren't known by people. This common herb derives its name from a Greek word meaning “rock celery” and it is a member of the celery family. In warmer parts of the country it's a biennial which can self-seed. In Iowa it's treated as an annual unless brought inside for the winter.

January 18, 2017

MG Article by Tina Patterson, LCMG

There's a hot new trend in houseplants. It's modern, sleek, natural, and unpretentious. It's Kokedama. From the Japanese, loosely translated, ‘Koke’ meaning moss and ‘Dama’ means ball.  

Featured "At Work for Iowa" article

Our Story: Small Talk for Early Literacy

Yes, you can read to babies. Through “Small Talk,” Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, the Ames Public Library and Raising Readers in Story County are helping parents build literacy skills in very young children.

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Iowa State University Extension and Outreach News

February 16, 2017 04:57 PM

North central Iowa beef producers interested in learning how to hone their management skills are invited to a workshop focused on just...

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