Newsletter Intervention

Weeks 8 - 24


The newsletter intervention provides participants with two newsletters monthly for four months. These eight theory-based holistic wellness newsletters are expected to promote whole person wellness by incorporating information related to nutrition, mental health, and cognition, as well as at-home physical activity suggestions to reinforce movements performed during the onsite program.
During the newsletter intervention, the trainer-led program is not held, rather the on-site leader (another sustainable program element) is encouraged to continue the program and participants will self-report physical activity bimonthly using the Rapid Assessment of Physical Activity form.

Fitness and Nutrition Newsletter Topics:
  • Issue 01: 
    • What does exercise mean to you?

    • Creating a Healthy Plate: Introduction

  • Issue 02:
    • Get Fit to Get Healthy

    • Creating a Healthy Plate: Fruits and Vegetables

  • Issue 03:
    • Should I Lift Weights?

    • Creating a Healthy Plate: Whole Grains

  • Issue 04:
    • How to Lift Weights

    • Creating a Healthy Plate: Lean Protein

Wellness Newsletter Topics:
  • Issue 01:
    • Successful Aging for Everyone-- The Secret to the Fountain of Youth

    • Take Five: Helpful Resources and Word Puzzle

  • Issue 02:
    • Successful Aging for Everyone-- Tips for Improving Memory

    • Take Five: Making Mental Shortcuts (Mnemonics)

  • Issue 03:
    • Successful Aging for Everyone-- A Winning Combination

    • Take Five: Test Your Health Know-How

  • Issue 04:
    • Successful Aging for Everyone-- A Little Help from our Friends

    • Take Five: Try these Mind Strengthening Tasks

To download the LIFE Lessons newsletters go to the Newsletters page under Materials.

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