LIFE Overview

Training Workshop

What is the LIFE Program?  

The LIFE Program is a twenty-four week physical activity program that uses low-impact, moderate activities guided by the exergaming tool, Kinect®, and is intended for physically inactive older adults.   

For resources on how to get started, learn about working with younger and older adults, and interactive game tips review the Best Practices chapter of the manual.    

LIFE Program Main Components: 

  • Training Program  
    • Three-hour training workshop for the young adult trainers  
  • On-site Exergaming component   
    • Twice weekly for eight weeks  
      • Physical activity using Kinect® Sports games (30 minutes)  
      • Interactive games (first two weeks; 30 minutes)  
  • On-site Leader Training  
  • Newsletter program  
    • Eight bi-weekly for sixteen weeks  
      • During the newsletter program, the younger adult trainer-led program will not be conducted but the Kinect® will remain on-site.   
      • Participants are encouraged to serve as on-site leaders so that the on-site program can continue during the newsletter intervention and beyond. 

It is important to follow the order of activities described in the Program Design table on the Timeline page as each step is intended to build upon the previous steps.