Intro to LIFE

People in the LIFE Program

Living (well through) Intergenerational Fitness & Exercise  

The LIFE Program was created by an interdisciplinary team made up of an Iowa State University Extension and Outreach nutrition specialist, 4-H program specialist, developmental psychologist, and an exercise physiologist.    

The LIFE Program is an research-based health program developed around the Whole Person Wellness Model (WPWM). The LIFE Program focuses on reaching four of the six WPWM dimensions: physical, emotional, intellectual, and social.      

The theory-based LIFE program aims to connect the generations, improving aging perceptions in young adult trainers while providing socialization for the older adult participants.    

The LIFE Program is a physical activity program that uses low-impact, moderate activities guided by the exergaming tool, Kinect®. It has two main parts: 

  • On-site physical activity (for 8 weeks) 
  • Follow-up newsletters (for 16 weeks)