Intergenerational Activities

Intergenerational Activities

What does Intergenerational Mean?    

Intergenerational programming brings together younger and older generations for mutual benefits. This can improve the well being and quality of life of older adults while giving younger adults the opportunity to be recognized in their community. This also allows the young adults to gain awareness and appreciation for aging which may reduce many of the fears associated with aging. 

Results from the LIFE Program pilot study found a reduction in ageist viewpoints and behaviors in the younger adult trainers. 

The LIFE Program, through the use of interactive games, intergenerational dialogue, giving young adults the opportunity to benefit from the experiences of older adults, and helping each generation to see the value the other has to offer.  

Benefits of Intergenerational Programming:

  • Promotes interaction between people of different generations
  • Encourages intergenerational dialogue
  • Addresses social issues, like helping a person of another age learn a new skill 

For more detailed information on the intergenerational component of the LIFE program see Chapter 2 of our program manual.