Exergaming Equipment

XBox 360The Kinect®  is used with an XBOX® gaming system and uses a motion sensor to detect participant movement.   

A participant is able to navigate the Kinect® program by simply moving his or her hand.  

Kinect® Sports game is used for the LIFE program, listed below are the games included:  


Participants reach to their left or right to take up a ball before swinging their arm forward to bowl.  Participants can exaggerate the arm motion to add spin if required.


Participants use their left and right arms to punch their opponent and to block punches from their opponent.  Both can be aimed at either head or body height. 

Track and Field

Participants participate in a pentathlon consisting of sprint, javelin, long jump, discus and hurdle events.  Participants must jog on the spot to run, jump (or hop) to clear hurdles or make a long jump, and perform the relevant arm motion to throw a javelin or discus.

Table Tennis

Participants reach to their left or right to pick up a paddle before serving and can then incorporate topspin, backspin, and smash shots.  Participants can move to their left or right, if needed, to make a shot.


Participants kick the ball to pass or shoot and, when on defense, can move from side to side to block passes or stop shots on goal. 

Beach Volleyball

Participants serve by making an upward throwing motion with one hand and then a swinging motion with the other. The ball is passed or returned using bump, set, and spike motions.

For photos of the XBOX 360® and Kinect® equipment set-up see the Connecting the Kinect® page under How To.