Senior Citizen Exergaming

What is Exergaming? 

Exergaming, or video gaming that includes exercise, is a relatively new way to increase physical activity time.

During the LIFE Program the trained young adult volunteers will teach older adults how to use exergaming technology to stay physically active, fulfilling an identified need for older adults to be physically active.     

Rather than focusing on the exertion and work being done, exergaming focuses on the fun of video gaming while still providing the health benefits of physical activity.   

Exergames are growing in popularity with recent research showing it is effective in improving quality of life and depressive symptoms among older adults.  

Benefits of Exergaming for Older Adults:

  • increased muscle strength
  • improved flexibility
  • increased balance
  • less pain
  • socialization
  • reduction in the risk for cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes
  • improved health, prolonged independence, and delayed progression of disease and death 

LIFE 1 found:  

A significant increase in physical activity participation among participants who were physically inactive at the start of the program.

A significant increase in participant fitness from Week 1 through Week 8!

For more detailed information on the LIFE program exergaming see Chapter 7 of our program manual.