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What is LIFE?

The Living well through Intergenerational Fitness and Exercise (LIFE) Program is the first of its kind—a unique program led by younger adults that increases access for at-risk older rural populations to sustainable, low cost, physical activity programming. This website can be used to help develop a LIFE Program in your community. 

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Sarah L. Francis, PhD, MHS, RD





LIFE Program Perspectives

"Today was an exciting session with Kinect. (Name) had a lot of strikes in bowling, ended up with a score of 205. I thought we were having a party in my office. A lot of laughing, clapping, etc. Great activity for these ladies. I'm glad we could take part in this research project." 
  ~LIFE 2 Trainer~

Supporting Grant Information

Sponsored by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture Rural Health and Safety Education Grant:  2010-2012: (Grant # 2010-46100-21841); 2012-2013: (Grant # 2012-46100-20145).

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