Prepare for Fair!

2014 Lee County Fair: July 8-13

2014 Iowa State Fair: August 7-17

Getting ready for fair means working with your animals, going to weigh-ins and trainings, planting your veggies, taking your photos, practicing your recipes, sewing up those curtains and sooooooooo much more!  Get the rules, put the deadlines on your calendar and check out the great new categories here!

Now is a great time to check out our Projects Page to get ideas and start preparing for next year!

Important Dates:

  • July 25 - State Fair selected Static Exhibits due to Emily at the Extension office
  • August 1 - 4-H T-Shirt reorders due to Extension office
  • August 5 - State Fair selected FOOD Exhibits due to the Extension office by 9:00 AM
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