Elwynn Taylor Speaks to Farmers on How to Use Data from Ag Weather Stations

Thanks to those to attended our Weather Station Workshop. Dr. Elwynn Taylor led the program on using information from modern weather stations, such as the new West Point station, to better manage the risks associated with crop production and marketing.
36 attendees listened to Dr. Taylor speak on the importance of data when managing climate risk in regard to crop yeild. Taylor also mentioned that Iowa is the only state using soil moisture probes under the crop, rather than under forage. This gives us a more accurate reading for moisture available to crops.
Participants learned how to use weather reports collected from the station. These reports are uploaded online and can be accessed at http://mesonet.agron.iastate.edu/agclimate. They learned how to interpret these reports to see how this year compares to other years we have endured. Dr. Taylor spoke about how the new generation of Ag Weather Stations can keep farmers up to date and informed.

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