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Extension to Youth & 4-H

Kids and Teens/4-H - Personal Development

Support Our Troops and Military Families. Operation Military Kids.

Personal Development Information

Explore Special Interests
  - Do something for deployed Iowa National Guard soldiers.
   - Learn more about Operation: Military Kids.
  - Learn about issues like food insecurity in Iowa. 
  - Explore world geography through the Geography Network.
  - Study  world languages.
  - Understand color symbolism in different cultures and nature.
  - Make music and find a career in music.
   - Stay safe and enjoy shooting sports.
  - Make your own barn quilt.

Gain Leadership, Citizenship and Communication Skills
  - Find 4-H Communication Event and Exhibitor information.
  - Write effective letters to state legislators.
  - Know how bills are really drafted.
  - Know the legislative process in Iowa.
  - Communicate with U.S. legislators.
  - Visit the legislature. See and hear 4-H Day at the Legislature.
  - Share your research on societal issues with others.

Learn to Trust and to be Worthy of Trust
  - Learn to be a leader worthy of trust.
    (See 4-H Leadership, Activities, Relationship Building)

4-H Leaders: See the new 4-H Communications brochure, 4H 4001C, for activities and tips to use in club meetings. Attend training to receive your copy.