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Livestock/Small Animals Information

See the Iowa State library's list of veterinary medicine resources on the Web

Know about Zoonotic Diseases of Companion Animals

Find Out How Animals See Color  

Know Your Companion Animals

Know Your Cats
Check out cat publications and Iowa State's cat page.
Know Your Dogs
Find information on breeds, showing, training, care, travel and products.
Find 4-H materials to help you care for and train your dog.
Know Your Horses
Learn about horse 
   - color and markings
   - nutrition software (available at our store), 
   - history at Iowa State
   - show judging standards 
   - industry facts in Iowa
Test your knowledge of horses with this interactive quiz.
See who knows how to judge a horse.
Become a hippology expert.
Find two more sources of  4-H horse information and 4-H equine activities.

Know Your Livestock

Learn breeds of cattle, goats, sheep, swine, and other species.
   - know beef cattle breeds and biological types
   - find beef cattle associations
   - know dairy cattle breeds
   - find the colored angora goat association
   - check out the pig site
   - check out sheep
   - pick your favorite sheep breed
Be a smart hay buyer.

Find 4-H Livestock Information

- Read the 4-H Dairy newsletter
- Find retinal imaging information
- Get the facts on buying and selling manure
- See 4-H Livestock information for projects and for fairs
- Get recordkeeping forms from the state 4-H Web site.
- Download the 4-H breeding animal project worksheet and the dairy animal lifetime record.
- Gather project and exhibit ideas from National 4-H.