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Expressive Arts Information

Find Out More about Graphic Design

Find Fun Stuff To Do in Expressive Arts
veggies into works of art
Create green quilts and other art objects.
Delve into the fabulous, mind-boggling world of color.
Explore the elements and principles of art.
Visit the Iowa Arts News online.
Visit an art museum, online and in person.

Look for Ways to Bring Art to Your Community
Learn about Iowa's own puppet theater.
Get on board the cultural express with diverse traditional arts.
Bring colorful barn quilts to your county.
Make your own barn quilt.

Go Career Shopping in Expressive Arts

Here's a sampling at Iowa State.
Read what one Iowa State art professor does besides his day job.
Check the college of liberal arts and sciences for creative writing, communications, music and performing arts.
Choose an Iowa State adventure with this online guide. 
Look into graphic design or illustration for career ideas.
Find out more about art and design, including scholarships.
Add interior design to your list of possible careers.

Pick a Project in Expressive Arts
A listing of 4-H projects can be found in the 4-H 200 Pick a Project paper, along with materials available for each project. It's in pdf form and available for download. Check out music, theater and visual art as well as photography, clothing and home improvement.