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4-H Club Support Information

Read About Famous 4-H'ers
Lots of well-known people list 4-H as an important part of their youth.

Find Opportunities Beyond the Club and County

- Meet new people from across the state on the Iowa 4-H Youth Council
- Sign up for Citizenship Washington Focus. Check with your county office of ISU Extension.
- Broaden your 4-H experience
     Beyond the Club
     Beyond the County

Find Great Ideas to Keep Club Membership Strong

- Develop a plan to recruit members
- Download a pdf of the Discover 4-H! for Youth publication.
- Gather success stories of Iowa 4-H'ers. 
- Find Club Officer materials 
- Develop a plan to improve  presentation skills
     --Ask for "I Have to Do What?" or "See, You Did It" from our store or 
            at your county office of Iowa State University Extension
     --Also check this online source for communication activities
     --Prepare and practice communication skills for job and award
            interviews and on-air speaking
- Share information about Judging 4-H Exhibits
- Share ways to help others improve their projects. Show them
    --Fun and  interesting facts for use with their projects
    --Ways to create their own project
    --The Iowa 4-H Projects page

Sign Up for 4-H Club Volunteer Training Online