Soil Sample Testing

Johnson County Extension located in Iowa City, IA
For other areas please visit


For good production of fruits, vegetables and grass, a soil sample test may be needed to determine what needs to be done to improve growing and production.

The form that is below needs to be completed and the sample can be placed in a quart size ziplock bag. We do recommend you double bag it to avoid spillage. Please call 319-337-2145, or email with any questions.

Soil Sample Testing Form

Tip Sheet for Soil Testing

On the form (linked above) there are instructions on how to take a good soil sample.

Once you have completed the form, taken the soil samples, and have payment ready, you can put it in a box and take it to the post office (the soil test lab mailing address is listed on the form) or you can bring it to our office and we can mail it for you - reimbursement to our office for postage is required.


Take a Good Soil Sample to Help Make Good Fertilization Decisions Publication:

Questions? Call 319-337-2145 or email

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