4-H Clubs Donate to Extension Building Campaign

Graham Champions 4-H Club Offers Challenge & Makes Donation

The Graham Champions 4-H Club challenged each 4-H club to meet or beat their donation of $20 per member making a $1060 donation to the capital campaign 

Graham Champions
Graham Champions 4-H Club

The Cosgrove Hustlers, FreLincs, Golden Rule Golden Stars, Greencastle Barnstormers, Liberty Livewires, Monroe Hustlers, Prairiemasters, Ramblin Recks and Rosies, Sharon Center Sensations, Victory, and Westside Achievers 4-H clubs have already made contribution to this challenge!

Cosgrove Hustlers
Cosgrove Hustlers 4-H Club

Monroe Hustlers
Monroe Hustlers 4-H Club

Westside Achievers
Westside Achievers 4-H Club

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