Pick a Better Snack Video- Region 15

Pick A Better Snack and ACT is a nine session program that brings nutrition educators into kindergarten through sixth grade classrooms. They share  nutrition and health lesson, lead a literacy activity and introduce students to one new fruit or vegetable each session, and allow them to try it.  


The messages taught are centered on the food pyramid, understanding the importance of each of the food groups, recognizing the value of daily exercise, and deciphering between all the time foods and sometimes foods. ISU Extension then provides classroom teachers with various activities and ideas to reinforce what is being taught in other parts of the school day.

To find out more on the impact of the Pick A Better Snack and ACT program check out our video:

Pick a Better Snack from Iowa State University Extension on Vimeo.


When it all comes down to it, the students understand the importance of healthy choices.  A third-grader currently enrolled in  Pick A Better Snack and ACT said it best, "We're learning how to make a difference in your life before it's too late."

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