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June 16, 2014

Adult beetle submitted by resident, efforts still underway to locate infestation.

June 6, 2014

Knowing your farm’s Corn Suitability Rating index (CSR2) provides you with valuable insight into its potential productivity. CSR2 is a tool used in setting cash rental rates and computing a farm’s sale value.

May 30, 2014

It’s been a long wait but it is almost over!  This is the year that Brood III of the periodical cicadas (a.k.a. 17-year “locusts”) will emerge from the ground and appear as adults in a significant portion of the state of Iowa.

May 30, 2014

Complete control of weeds in the home lawn or garden is not a practical goal for many homeowners.

January 13, 2014

The Academy welcomes anyone seeking professional development in the area of nonprofit management, including staff, management, volunteers, professional association employees, educators, and private sector employees who wish to make a career change to the nonprofit sector.

December 16, 2013

Average Iowa farmland value is estimated to be $8,716 per acre, an increase of 5.1 percent from 2012, according to results of the Iowa Land Value Survey conducted in November. Values increased in 2013 for the fourth year in a row and achieved historic peaks.

December 6, 2013

Iowa farmers are increasingly concerned about herbicide-resistant weeds and are changing their weed management practices to deal with the issue, according to the 2013 Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll.

December 6, 2013

Horticulturists with ISU Extension and Outreach say keeping holiday plants looking good through the holiday season and beyond is not as difficult as some might expect.

December 6, 2013

Johnson County Extension & Outreach received a CFJC grant for $2500 to support the nutrition education program offered in Johnson County. 

May 13, 2013

The People’s Garden is a partnership between 4-H and the Master Gardeners at Johnson County/Iowa State University Extension. See all the fun they have been having.

May 7, 2013

The Pick a Better Snack program highlights the importance of healthy choices and gives elementary students the opportunity to be brave and try a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables including spinach, mangos, and even jicama.

March 29, 2013

We can take advantage of this carryover N by pulling soil samples this spring to estimate carryover N and reduce spring N rates accordingly for the 2013 corn crop.

March 13, 2013

        This winter, the crown temperatures have likely not been cold enough for direct cold injury, even without snow cover. While day temperatures have been warmer than normal for short periods through February and early March, night temperatures have, hopefully, been cold enough to prevent the plants from breaking dormancy. A significant concern are the localized, frozen, ponded areas. How well did they handle this winter? It is time to go find out.  

January 16, 2013

Ag Decision Maker, one of the most visited Iowa State University Extension and Outreach websites, has a new look. The decision-oriented agricultural business website now showcases new and emerging issues within farm management.

October 31, 2012

4-H Club RISK Management Resources - for Leaders

Effective 4-H Clubs are Active 4-H groups. We want clubs to engage in a variety of activities and events. That's what makes 4-H fun, educational, and keeps youth excited about 4-H. We simply need to plan and conduct those activities in a safe manner. We need to ensure that risks to the 4-H program and the county extension districtsare minimized and properly managed. Most importantly, we need to ensure that our most critical assets - our 4-H members - are protected.

October 2, 2012

Tips for Healthy, Fun Lunches for Kids: Help sheets titled "What's For Lunch? It's In the Bag!" and "MyPlate Lunch Bag Ideas."

October 2, 2012

Family & Consumer Sciences Smartphone Apps including: 4 Day Throw Away, State Fair Food Finder, SafeFood Grill, Seasonal and Simple, My Money App Up Challenge, and More.

September 5, 2012

Iowa Community Indicators Program (ICIP)
To check out the new and improved web site, please go to the following url:

March 27, 2012
Master Gardener Hortline Spring Hours 
 The Johnson County Master Gardeners are available for their Spring season Hortline service for area homeowners and garden enthusiasts.
May 16, 2011

As a first grade teacher, one of Sonja Scott's favorite things about the Pick a Better Snack and ACT program is that her students are encouraged to be brave. And brave they are - trying fresh spinach, avacado and jicama without thinking twice!

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