March 22, Johnson County 4-H/FFA Fair Swine Weigh-In

Dear 4-H Leaders, FFA Advisors and Families,
Please read the message below if you will be showing swine at the Johnson County 4-H/FFA Fair. Remember this is ONLY if you wish to exhibit Derby Swine. Market Swine nominations are due by May 15th and do NOT need to be weighed on March 22.
Also attached is the 2013 Johnson County 4-H/FFA Fairbook for the Swine department. The fairbook will be subject to change, but will provide basic guidelines until the 2014 Fairbook is available.
The process below will be followed; please read attached document as well.
The Johnson County fair will have a derby show but due to PEDV virus the weigh procedure will be different.

  1. Email Tom Wall to set up a weigh in time on March 22 between 10-12. wallfarms@Lcom.netor call 319 330-8957
  2. Members that have farrowing on their farm will go first. Members that have other swine on farm go 2nd and members with just 4-H swine on the farm will go last.
  3. No pigs that have active PEDV or have been exposed to PEDV in the last 45 days will be allowed to weigh in. These animals still can be entered in the fair in the market classes.
  4. Please arrive on the site with clean boots and plastics will be given to you on arrival. There needs to be two people with each truck one to be in truck and one to stand on scales.
  5. The truck/trailer will back up to the scales and pigs will be handed between the truck and scale. Swine Committee will just tag pigs.
  6. Pigs must be castrated and ear notched before weigh in order to keep the weigh on schedule.
  7. Swine committee members will be wearing rubber gloves and have a cardboard sheet on the scales that will be changed between trucks. The area will be sprayed with syntergize between loads. Taggers will be dipped before each animal.
  8. The scales will be located at the scale house dock this year.

Click below for:
Swine Health 2014
2013 Swine Department Fairbook

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