2013 State Fair - Johnson County

Livestock Shows
Beef, Breeding
Beef, Market

Beef of Merit LIVE
Dairy Cows

Dairy Judging
Dairy Goats

Meat Goat Wethers





Sheep, Breeding

Sheep, Market

Sheep, Performance Live

Swine, Breeding

Swine, Market

Other Livestock Results 
Showmanship, Beef  
Showmanship, Sheep

Showmanship, Swine

Showmanship, Meat Goats  

Livestock Carcass Results 
Livestock Carcass Results

Johnson County

Special Awards
Sewn Garments (Threads Magazine)

Photography Medals

Photography Plaques

Visual Arts Awards

Awardrobe Clothing Event 

Thursday Awards
Communications (final)

* Results Posted on this page are for Johnson County 4H-ers only and the link will be activated as they are received. If Johnson Co. did not participate in a category results will not be available. If you have any questions please call the Johnson County extension office at 319-337-2145.

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