Extension Program Specialist I or II - Leadership and Civic Engagement Specialist (70265P)

The Department of 4-H Youth Development with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is seeking qualified candidates for an Extension Program Specialist I/II – Leadership and Civic Engagement Specialist. The Extension Program Specialist will provide support to the Iowa 4-H Youth Development Leadership and Civic Engagement priority topic area, guiding development, implementation, evaluation and capacity building related to quality K-12 youth citizenship and leadership programming.

The position will include the following responsibilities:
- Lead the Leadership and Civic Engagement Program Priority Area team. This includes identification of program priorities, educational product development, professional development, and evaluation of outcomes from programming efforts. The successful individual will work with a team of individuals to ensure quality, relevant citizenship and leadership educational products are accessible to youth.
- Lead the Iowa 4-H Youth Conference, an annual event planned by the State 4-H Youth Council in partnership with 4-H staff and volunteers. This position advises the 4-H youth, staff and volunteers who work to carry out the conference to ensure educational objectives are achieved.
- Lead the State 4-H Youth Council, an elected body of youth who serve as ambassadors to the Iowa 4-H Program. Organize and lead the quarterly youth retreats as well as collaborate with 4-H staff and volunteers who help to carry out the educational objectives of the State 4-H Council.
- Lead the Global Citizenship program area. Provide direct programming at the Culturally-based Youth Leadership Accelerators and other events to increase understanding of global citizenship, create cultural awareness and expose youth to global civic engagement.

Ames, Iowa (Campus)
Guaranteed Consideration Date: 
Sunday, July 2, 2017