Re-Enrollment for the New Year

4-H Years are from September 15 to September 14 the following year.  Each year on the evening of September 14, all members (adults & youth) records are inactivated in the 4-H Online system.  Each member (adult & youth) must activate their profile each year in the 4-H Online system. Once you are in the system, you do not have to create another one. 

To re-enroll for the new year, open up the Re-Enrollment for Existing Members Help Sheet. Print it out if you can.  Open up the 4-H Online system.  Follow along the instructions until your profile is activated.

You do not have to print a medical form or Iowa Code of Ethics.  Those documents are completed electronically within the system.

Now that you have activated your profile, the office will review that everything needed is there.  Once that verification is done, your profile will be approved and you are once again a 4-H member for the current year!


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